Celebrating success

Each term, one child from every class is chosen as the 'Learning Champion', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

Learning Champions are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to afternoon tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This terms Learning Champions are:

Reception Caterpillar - Amahra

Amahra has come into school with a smile on her face each day this week. She always listens carefully and is determined to do her best. She often notices little things that adults or children need help with and offers to help without any fuss. She is resourceful and plans her own challenges in busy time, imitating what adults have modelled or creating her own unique ideas. She is proud to share what she has achieved. She is such a great role model to others, we are proud of you Amahra!

Reception Ladybird - Matteo 

Wow! Matteo has worked so hard this term. When he first started in reception he was very worried. He wanted his work to be perfect after one go. Since then he has found that we master skills by practising. Now, when something goes wrong, he is resilient and he will experiment till he finds the right answer or practise till a skill is perfected. This means he is now always willing to give a new challenge a go and to explore things he doesn’t know. There is no stopping him in his learning now!


Arifa has made great progress in all subjects this term. She is managing distractions and remaining focused and on task during lessons. Arifa is a kind member of the class and shows her nurturing side by helping others when they are in need. Keep up the good work!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Sireen

Sireen has made fantastic progress since starting Year 1. She has a real love to learn new things and her confidence has grown so much since she first came to Elmer. She tries so hard in everything she does, showing engagement in all her subjects and she is always keen to help out the adults in the class. Well done Sireen – and keep up the good work!

YEAR 2 BFG - Erwa

Erwa has really grown as a learner over the last time. He is now absorbed in his learning and has developed good interdependence. As well as this, he has always willing to give things a go and has developed his perseverance skills which allow him to overcome challenges. All of the adults have noticed his positive attitude to his learning and are really proud of him!


Maryan always has a positive attitude towards her learning She engages on the carpet and then takes on her challenges with determination and enthusiasm. She is smiley, kind and respectful Enormous Crocodile who is always willing to help others. Thank you for being our role model this term.

Year 3 WOODPECKER - Taiya

For making outstanding progress in her learning due to having an increasingly positive attitude towards school. This learning champion has worked hard to manage distractions and become absorbed in all that she does.! Taiya has always been a kind and caring member of the class but has been working particularly hard on her collaboration skills this term.. with great results! She doesn’t always find things easy but has great perseverance and always keeps going and what she is producing is getting better week on week. I am so proud and can’t wait to see what she produces next term!


Kymani is making excellent progress in his learning this year because of his fantastically positive learning attitude. He is always highly engaged and absorbed in his learning and manages distractions effectively. He uses questioning to think carefully about his work, distils learning to break it down into smaller chunks and collaborates effectively with others. He is resilient when things are tough and use reasoning to solve challenging problems.

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Talaiyah 

For always showing absorption in lessons; she has produced some amazing work as a result. This person struggles with maths work but never gives up showing perseverance, resilience and determination. I am really proud of the way she shows pride and enjoyment in presenting her work in the best possible way – Her handwriting is absolutely beautiful which is always a pleasure to read! Additionally, she has worked extremely hard on solving her friendship problems this term and been successful at having happy beak times and lunch times – This had led to a happy class of swiftlets. Thank you for helping us all have a happier time together!


For a huge improvement in his attitude to his learning which has led to some fantastically well-presented work this term. Additionally his positive attitude towards school has shown in his behaviour this term resulting in being on green silver or gold for most of the term! I am so proud of the way he is working hard on his listening skills and is making a conscious effort to manage distractions around him. He’s beginning to make links with his learning and perseveres when he comes across a challenge. I am proud of this transformation, keep It up next term!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Ahmed

This term Ahmed has tried very hard with a lot of new learning skills and challenges. A lot has changed for Ahmed this term and all of Dove team have been very impressed with his approach to these changes. So each letter in Ahmed’s name is the beginning of all the specific skills Ahmed has improved on.

A – attendance

H – handwriting

M – memory – 300 House points for Oak

E – engaging

D – determination

Speaking on behalf of Charlie, Rachel and myself, I can honestly say Ahmed should walk around school today with a lot of pride because we know he’s found some things tricky but he has tried his very best! Well done Ahmed.

YEAR 5 OWL - Cardo

Since I became the Owl class teacher in October, the Owl learning champion has applied himself to all of the Hannah More values. Our learning champion is a particularly resilient young man who gets back up and dusts himself off every time an obstacle falls in his path. Our Learning champion has made massive progress in Maths and English, where, over time, he has taken an increased amount of care to check his work and ensure that it is accurate rather than simply ‘complete’. He has worked hard to ensure his work is presented more and more carefully, and shows an increasing amount of pride in everything he does. I am really proud of our learning champion, as I know are many other members of the school community. I know you will take these values with you and share them amongst the many friends I know you will make at your new school. Our learning champion is Cardo.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Mohamed

Mohamed’s progress this term (and this year) has been because of his attitude to learning. Every lesson, he is determined to give his best and always looks for ways that he can improve. He is increasingly capitalising on his learning and becoming better and better at collaborating. Mohamed always tries his best to put his learning before anything else that is going on. I am so proud of the progress you have made especially this term, Mohamed!


Tin has made excellent progress so far in year 6 because of his determination to learn. In every lesson, Tin shows great listening to the adults he works and his peers – a true sign of effective collaboration. He makes links with previous learning, and often learning he has done outside school, to make improvements and succeed. He uses distilling skills to break learning down when they are particularly tricky. We are all proud Tin; keep it up!

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