Celebrating success

Each term, one child from every class is chosen as the ‘Learning Champion', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

Learning Champions are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This terms Learning Champions are:


YEAR 1 ELMER - Aaliyah 

The learning champion in Elmer class has been working hard in all of her lessons this week. She has been using her sounds really well to help support her writing and is always helpful in the classroom. She always shows respect to other adults and children in the school and her consistent Gold standard behaviour and effort in her work make her a pleasure to have as part of Elmer class. The learning champion in Gruffalo class is Aaliyah - Well done!


The learning champion in Gruffalo class has been absorbed in his learning this term. He collaborates well with his class members and thinks of others feelings. He is a delight to have in class and a great role model for others to look up to! All the adults and Miss Judge are really proud of this learning champion- he now attempts work with enthusiasm and is much more willing to give it his best shot! The learning champion in Gruffalo class is Ashton - Well done!

YEAR 2 BFG - Sacdiyo

For turning her behaviour around over the last few weeks. She is working hard on her listening skills, is absorbed in her learning and is persevering. All of the adults have noticed a huge different in her attitude to learning and hop she keeps it up.


Angel has really taken on board our school values. He is always respectful, engaged and keeps himself and others safe. Angel is always determined and enthusiastic about his learning. This term, he has been persevering to improve his handwriting and to use his reasoning skills in maths. Keep it up!

Year 3 WOODPECKER - Abdullrahman

This person has really shown an improvement in his attitude towards learning. He has worked very hard to improve his collaboration skills and is now a wonderful role model for the rest of the class. He has is absorbed in all his learning and is constantly questioning and noticing new things. It's been great to see him grow and I am very proud.

Year 3 KINGFISHER - Hussein 

Throughout the term, Hussein has demonstrated excellent engagement in his learning. He is always absorbed and supports others to manage distractions. He is excellent at noticing and making links between different skills and knowledge. This term he has also worked to improve his ability to collaborate with others, supporting them to learn.

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Saleman

For just getting on with his school life without a fuss. He has an extremely focussed attitude towards every aspect of his leaning, showing absorption in every lesson. When faced with a challenge, Saleman does not give up – He is resilient, perseveres and achieves his best. Every child in the class wants to be in a pair/group/team with Saleman due to his amazing collaboration skills – He is my mini teacher! I am so proud to have him in my class – Keep it up!


For being enthusiastic about her learning and sharing her ideas with her peers. She is always working hard at her table, remaining focused and absorbed in the task at hand. She takes care in the work she produces and thinks carefully about what she is doing. I am looking forward to seeing her progress even further next term! Well done!!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Nancy

My learning champion of term one has worked really hard in all of the lessons this term. Her respect for adults and children in the classroom has massively improved and I can now rely on her to always be on the carpet and engaged at all times. She is always keen to finish off her work and is always one of the first to get started. Her progress is a result of this determination in maths and English and she produced a brilliant saga of Biorn last week, full of fronted adverbials and powerful language. Her pride in her work is clear from her presentation and concentration ad she has been a pleasure to teach. The learning champion is Nancy.

YEAR 5 OWL - Hanna

My learning champion for this term has worked hard right from the beginning of September. The Owl learning champion collaborates with other children at all times and is a role model top others. Our learning champion’s work is consistently neat and well thought out, she always asks for help at appropriate times. Owl learning champion is always polite to adults and children and is always kind and helpful. Our learning champion is Hanna.


Adna is learning champion this term because of her attitude to learning. She has a real determination and resilience which enables her to produce excellent work with a strong understanding. She has proved to me and herself that no challenge is too big for her, that she is not afraid to learn from mistakes and that she is willing to work hard to do really well in Year 6!


Isra is learning skills champion this term because of her absolute determination to succeed. She has a real resilience and strive to improve- drawing on a plethora of learning skills. She uses distilling skills to ‘chunk’ her learning up when it is challenging, she uses interdependence skills to collaborate but also work independently. She faces challenges with a can-do attitude and a smile. We are all very proud of the learning you have done this term.

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