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Each term, one child from every class is chosen as the "Kearning Champion" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the term.

This terms Learning Champions are:

Reception CATERPILLAR - Nabiila

This person has really improved her approach to learning this term. She has shown lots of enthusiasm and has worked hard in all that she does. She has shown perseverance and a determination to achieve her best. She has challenged herself in busy time with counting and writing lots of stories. Well done Nabiila, keep it up!

Reception LADYBIRD - Baktiar

The ladybird learning champion is always working hard! They are always looking for opportunities to develop their skills. All the reception adults have noticed how he never gives up but perseveres when challenged. He is a kind friend and helps others to problem solve.


This learning champion is someone who models gold standard behaviour and manners to all children. He never fails to say please and thank you, and shows a beautiful care and respect to his classmates and others that never fails to make me smile. My learning champion has also grown in resilience massively! At the start of the year, as a writer he would often be unenthusiastic. However he has really matured in his attitude and recognises it is okay to make mistakes. As a result, he is choosing to do writing challenges that he used to shy away from, and is producing some fantastic work. He puts 100% effort into all his learning and takes care over his presentation. Keep up the great work and keep being resilient – I know you will go far Suber! Well done Suber!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Samuel

This learning champion is someone who has learnt how to be more independent, resilient and has grown in confidence in his own ability. He is a very caring, enthusiastic learner, and this is clear in every aspect of his learning. He is also a fantastic performer, and made all of the Year 1 adults so proud in our performance as a ‘hot hot’ Piggy. Keep up the amazing work, and enthusiasm, Samuel. Well done!

 YEAR 2 BFG - Aaliyah 

This term’s Learning Champion is someone who constantly tries her hardest, is always absorbed in her work and never stops showing gold standard behaviour. This term she has made a real effort with her maths at school and at home and as a result she has made fantastic progress. She is also contributing on the carpet a lot more with thoughtful insights into our learning. We are very proud of you Aaliyah - well done!


This term’s Learning Champion has accelerated in his maths and reading skills. All adults have been so impressed with how the focus and engagement of this child has had such a positive impact on his learning. He has contributed to classroom discussions and tries so hard in his maths skills. We are so so so so so proud of him! Well done Mohid!

Year 3 KINGFISHER - Aiyana

This learning champion works really hard all the time and shows determination to succeed in her learning, especially when it is a bit tricky from time to time. She is focused and engaged during learning time and keen to contribute to class discussions. She is a brilliant role model for expected behaviour and able to help other members of the class when they need it. Well done on a brilliant term Aiyana!!


This learning champion has worked very hard this term to improve herself as a learner and as a role model. This term she has a new enthusiasm for learning which spills out of her. She is always ready and listening, is keen to ask questions and quick to improve work all of which has meant that she has made dramatic improvement in her all her work. Additionally, she once struggled to manage distractions and make the right choices but throughout this term she has worked to show me, and others, how this isn’t true.


My learning champion this term has really made me proud. Many adults have told me that he is ‘a different child’, and I couldn’t agree more. He is able to make the right choices, and is a kind and considerate member of the class. He has completely blown us away with his commitment to our whole school target of ‘presentation’, his books are really something to be proud of. I have seen so much effort and improvement, and I can only hope to see this continue. Well done, my learning champion is Ali.


This learning champion really has put 100% effort into his learning this term. He tries hard every single lesson, takes pride in his work and wants to improve it even when it is pretty brilliant! His presentation shows off how much he cares about what he is doing and all of his hard work has paid off in his test scores. In class, my learning champion has tried his absolute best to make the right decisions and even when he has been disappointed he has still put his learning first. Well done!

YEAR 5 OWL - Valeria

For being an AMAZING learner! She pushes and challenges herself more and more in every lesson. I love the way she shows excitement and enthusiasm for everything she learns and always tries her best to make links within topics and subjects. Valeria enjoys helping others understand their learning better and always produces work of a very high standard. Valeria, her parents and I am extremely proud of the progress she has made this term in ALL subjects – Thank you and well done!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Jermaine

For showing lots of maturity over the term. He has a positive attitude towards his learning in all subjects - especially in maths which he used to find a bit tricky. His confidence has grown and he is enjoying school and his learning. His recent test results impressed both his teacher and LSA – Well done and keep it up!

Year 6 EAGLE - Radwa

I have seen this learning champion flourish this term! She has spent the majority of it with the biggest smile on her face and has brought lots of joy wherever she goes. Not only has she been such a lovely presence and fantastic friend to others, she has also made tremendous progress! She has had a new positive attitude and confidence in her learning which I believe have played a huge part in her success. I’m blown away and so proud!


Our learning champion has taken huge strides forward in her learning this term because of her positive attitude. She is determined in every bit of work and always puts in full effort. She is resilient when things are tough and holds a growth mindset. She collaborates effectively with others and is a supportive, nurturing partner. This learning champion is truly ready for the next step of her schooling journey!


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