Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the 'SuperKid', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

Learning Champions are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This weeks SuperKids are:

Reception Caterpillar - Fayola

She has developed so much in confidence since starting in Reception. This week she has shown excellent listening skills and tried extra hard with all her learning as well as joining in enthusiastically with all the singing and actions in our rehearsals.

Reception Ladybird - Aisha

Aisha is a kind friend to all. She cheers up children who are feeling sad and helps children who are finding an activity challenging. If she can’t help, she will ask a teacher to help. She respects all her peers and helps them to stay safe. Not only is she engaged in her own learning but supports others to be engaged too.


Musna has tried her best all week to make sensible choices. She has worked sensibly and quietly at her work station and takes pride in all her work! Her handwriting has improved lots this term- Keep up the good work!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Basmala

Basmala has been working really hard on her sounds with Miss Bird and Miss Foley this term. She has shown fantastic work in Phonics and reading this week – and we are very proud of her!

YEAR 2 BFG - Tegan

For becoming more absorbed in her learning and beginning to work more independently. She has built her resilience and now more willing to tackle a challenging work. She joins in on the carpet well and is always keen to help out the adults.


Abdullahi has really improved his attitude towards his learning this week. He is engaged, participating whilst on the carpet and trying his best with all his challenges. He is showing maturity and resilience in class, as well as kindness and great collaboration skills on the playground. Keep it up Superkid!

Year 3 WOODPECKER - Ismail 

This Superkid always shows respect and kindness to all adults and peers. His behaviour is consistently gold standard. He has begun to make a huge effort in his learning, trying harder to be independent. I am very proud of how much care he is now taking with his handwriting as well as his general presentation.


Yackhob is a consistent superstar. He always shows respect in the classroom and listens carefully to new learning. He is highly engaged in his learning at all times and is constantly seeking to improve. His enthusiasm for learning is infectious – Yackhob is a real rolemodel for learning.

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Zakiah 

For being such an amazing, inclusive friend. He is always respectful, plays with everyone in his class and is just so kind! His peers enjoy playing with him and also enjoying being his partner during lessons. I’m so proud to have Zakiah in my class as he is the perfect role model of what makes a good friend. Thank you for being so friendly, kind and caring!


She has made a HUGE improvement in her attitude to her learning this week. She has made a massive effort to be make more mature choices and be more focused in her learning which has resulted in getting to silver and gold this week! Her teacher is really proud of how much she is taking pride in the work in her book and hopes she continues this next term!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Linaz 

The Dove Superkid this week consistently works hard on her presentation and has a great attitude to learning. In English she has persevered and written a fantastic saga and she is meticulous with her punctuation. She has worked hard in all subjects and is also a very polite and helpful member of Dove Class. Well done, Linaz.

YEAR 5 OWL - Sabrina

The Owl superkid has really knuckled down with her work this week. In lessons she has concentrated really hard on improving her writing and her maths skills. Sabrina has also been increasingly engaged during the input for our learning and has been giving exemplary answers to questions. Our superkid has also been trusted to lead the way when we walk to swimming because I know she will always follow instructions first time and be safe near the roads.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Karima

Karima’s determination in all aspects this week has set a really lovely example to the rest of the class. She always does her best to contribute in class discussions, and has been making a conscious effort to include the Year 6 standard in her writing.

 YEAR 6 KESTREL - Mohamed Isse

This person always shows fantastic imagining and reasoning skills. He provides thought provoking and mature contributions to class (and assembly) discussions and listens to others to add points and craft his answer. He is getting better and showing this in his written work, making sure that he shows all the steps he has thought through. Keep it up.

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