Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the "SuperKids" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This superkid has been trying really hard to engage in her learning. She has worked really hard on her phonics which has improved her reading and writing. This week she was very keen to write her own version of our story using her sounds and tricky words and was proud of her learning. Well done Nadira!


This child has been so focused and engaged in their learning this week! They have made many observations about our caterpillars and have asked alot of questions to further their knowledge. They are always joining in and it is brilliant to see that they made some close friendships with other children in Ladybird class. I am so excited about your learning adventure in year 1!


Isra has produced some fantastic work this week. She always has a positive attitude towards her learning and this is shown through the quality of the work she produces. Her positive and hardworking attitude always shows through in her learning and the adults in Gruffalo are really proud of all the progress she has made. Well done Isra , keep up the good work.

YEAR 1 ELMER - Malak and Yousef

On Thursday Elmer class went on a trip to an art studio in Barton Hill. We walked there, which took about 40 minutes and at the beginning of the trip it started to pour with rain. The whole class were so sensible, but these two were particularly fantastic when walking, in the rain, across roads and along cycle paths. They were also really engaged as we walked round the studio, and though one of the children finds new settings hard, he kept his hands to himself. One of the children helped so much keep the other child safe and sensible that Miss Hall put her on double gold! I feel so proud of this pair, Well done Malak and Yousef!

 YEAR 2 BFG - Abubaker

This Superkid has been working really hard this week on his presentation and handwriting and as a result has produced some excellent work in English and maths. Over the last few weeks he has been thinking carefully about using his full stops and capital letters and working hard to ensure his writing makes sense. We are very proud of you Abubaker, well done!


This week’s super kid has worked really hard on improving their focus and attention. By doing so, they have shown their understating a tricky concept of telling the time in maths and have managed to complete all work at a great standard. The super kid has worked really hard on ignoring distractions and ensuring they stay on task.Well done Mushtaaq, keep it up!

Year 3 KINGFISHER - Mumtaz

This superkid has had a great week. She has shown determination and resilience both inside the classroom and outside. In the classroom she has been working hard on her writing and has been producing more work in both maths and literacy. This week I have seen a real maturity in this superkid. When things have got a bit tricky, she has managed to deal with her emotions and talk to adults in a sensible and grown up way. Well done Mumtaz!


This superkid has been working very hard this week! She has made a big effort to look after the classroom environment and take more responsibility for her learning. She has really impressed her teacher with her number work and is making lots of progress with her writing too. She has been able to use her resilience to go back over learning and correct some mistakes too! She is now consistently trying her best and doing it with a big smile and her teacher hopes she keeps it up!


YEAR 4 SWIFT - Hussein

This week’s super kid was suggested by Miss Burnett and I couldn’t agree more. I have been informed that he was a delight to teach whilst some of Year 4 were away at camp last week- he worked well in his group, was fully engaged, and was always polite and respectful. I have also noticed him this week for the effort he has put into his partner work. I have really enjoyed teaching you and seeing you so engaged in your work. Good work Hussein!

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Mohamed B

 My superkid this week has been a fantastic learner for the past two weeks! My superkid sometimes finds it tricky to come to school but for the past few weeks he has been a much happier learner! He has worked with lots of different adults and has worked really hard independently. He has done some fantastic Maths and wrote a brilliant recount in English. My superkid makes so many people smile, well done and keep it up!

YEAR 5 OWL - Zakiah 

For putting 200% into his writing this week. He has impressed me and Lisa with the amount of detail and description he has included in his setting descriptions – Lots of great vocabulary used. Not only this, he has proof-read his work at the end of every writing lesson to check for any small errors such as missing punctuation, missing words and spelling mistakes. Well done!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Nawal

Nawal is growing in confidence more and more. She is a quieter member of the class but she is putting her hand up more often and making valid contributions to our learning. She accepts the changes in our classroom (seating) with such grace and is willing to work with anyone at any given time. Nawal is also getting really confident in her maths learning. Keep it up Nawal!


Our superkid has shown excellent focus and engagement this week (and all weeks!). She has worked hard to create a powerful story demonstrating the range of skills she has learned over the year. In class, she can always be relied on to work hard, treat our environment with respect and model high standards of positive behaviour.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Khalid 

This week, Khalid has worked hard to make more positive choices and to show his best respect in all areas. He is always the first to tidy his learning areas and to show that he is ready to listen. He also really impressed his swimming teachers on Thursday by showing fantastic effort and being the only child who knew a really important life saving skill!



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