Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the SuperKid', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

Superkids are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to afternoon tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This weeks Superkids are:


Osman has been working really hard to practise his reading, both in school and at home and he has made fantastic progress! He is ready for Year One, well done Osman!


Muhstaq has grown in her maturity this term. She is respectful and safe. She looks after all her friends and makes sure that they are all included. She has also been working very hard to get better at reading! She always has a smile on her face, Well Done Mushtaq!

YEAR 1 GRUFFALO - Husnain 

Husnain has amazed the adults in the room this week. He has consistently been really focused on his work and is making a massive effort in his learning. He has made us so proud because he is really starting to sound out his words to spell and has noticeably improved his handwriting. Keep up the fantastic work Husnain and keep going!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Alyra 

Alyra has had a great week. She has been in school on time and has focused with a positive attitude. She produced a fantastic piece of art for our museum and has done really well with missing number problems in Maths even though she found them tricky at first. Well done Alyra – you star!

YEAR 2 BFG - Binta

For showing the school values at all times and being a role model to the class. She has really grown in confidence over the year and now shares her ideas with the class. This week, she has really engaged with our maths challenges and has put lots of effort into the arts week activities too.


Dirshe is consistently safe, respectful and engaged with his learning at all times. Everyday he challenges himself to learn more and get better and better. He has been a pleasure to teach this year and deserves all the gold stickers, medals, gold cards and learning skills stickers he has earnt this year.

Year 3 KINGSFISHER - Salma

Our recent testing has highlighted the excellent progress this superkid has made all year. She has a hugely positive attitude to her learning, demonstrating resilience, engagement and absorption in all learning tasks. She’s been busy making links across the year and is always keen to identify and learn from mistakes. We’re very proud of all your hard work this year!


This superkid has impressed her teacher this week in several ways. Firstly, she has shown lots of resilience in her recent swimming lesson, giving it a go again and again until she got it right. Secondly, she has shown amazing focus in her learning this week which has enabled her to write a brilliant story and perform superbly on her mental maths test. She has shown a real determination to do well this week which has been refreshing to see.

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Abdullrizak 

For showing maturity and respect to new adults. I am really pleased about the way Abdullrizak has made conscious choices to make positive choices this week when working with different teachers. You are SO ready for Year 5 - Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Morino 

For having a consistently fantastic attitude to his learning. Morino takes his learning very seriously and will always make sure that he achieves the best he can. This week we have been doing lots of assessments and Morino has been fanastically resilient and determined. Not only does Morino work hard, he clearly enjoys learning and his enthusiasm always makes me smile. Well done Morino!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Abdimajiid 

This week he has really impressed me with his efforts to be the best he can be. I have seen a real ambition in Abdimajiid to try hard these last few weeks and whilst I know he finds it tricky sometimes, he has also shown a lot of resilience and not given up. This week he has taken responsibility for himself in class to ensure he can make the most of a lesson and input. He is listening and engaging better with advice from adults and because of this, he has been a fun and enjoyable person to be around. The whole of Dove team are behind you in making positive choices Abdimajiid and seeing the progress you’ve made this week makes me excited for next year! Well done!

 YEAR 5 OWL Siham

Siham is consistently working hard, no matter what the subject, task or lesson she puts her 100 per cent in. She has been responding to feedback and advice with an open-mind-set to improve and develop herself. With this has come a lot of resilience which has paid off as she has produces some very positive outcomes.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Farhiya 

Farhiya has given her all to Architecture Week this week! She has been able to effectively work in a team, showing leadership but also listening to others’ ideas. She has also worked incredibly hard through our performance practices this week, giving her all to getting her lines right and learning the songs! Thank you for giving 100% to everything this week!


This person has been a superstar all week. They have been fantastic at collaborating – they have lead their team, been creative with their ideas, compromised and combined ideas when needed. They were picked up by Ali Camp for this skill and I am so proud of how their ability to collaborate has developed over the year.


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