PSHE education is a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives. As part of a whole school approach, PSHE develops the qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.

Hannah More uses the Jigsaw scheme of work as a means of delivering PSHE across the school. This is a whole school programme, underpinned by elements of mindfulness practice. It places significant foucs on the development of emotional literacy and social skills as well as spiritual development.

The PSHE curriculum is divided into six core themes and these are covered in each term across the academic year (each unit of work is known as a ‘Puzzle’ piece in the Jigsaw scheme). Across the school, each class is taught the same unit at the same time but in an age appropriate way. This allows us to respond to the children’s needs and ensure that the new areas of learning are always built upon exisiting knowledge.

Discrete PSHE lessons are taught weekly in all classes acrosss the school and are complimented by linked key stage assemblies.

The areas of PSHE learning taught each term are detailed below, along with a brief summary of the content covered (the title of each 'Puzzle' is in bold).

Term 1 – Being Me In My World: A sense of belonging; Welcoming others; Building the positive and nurturing ethos of the class/school; Being part of a school community, a wider community, a global community; Rights (UNCRC) and responsibilities; Working and socialising with others; School Council and pupil voice; The Learning Charter: rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences.

Term 2 - Celebrating Difference: Similarities and differences – diversity; Appearance, disability, racism, power, friendships, conflict; Accepting everyone’s right to ‘difference’, regardless of their circumstances or choices; What is ‘normal’?; Bullying – what it is and what it isn’t, including cyber and homophobic bullying.

Term 3 - Dreams and Goals: Hopes and dreams; Goals to success; Learning and personal strengths; Challenges – team work skills and tasks; Overcoming obstacles; Enterprise and fundraising; Experiencing and managing feelings of pride, ambition, disappointment, success; Aspirations – jobs and careers; Dreams and goals of others in different cultures/countries; Dreams for the world .

Term 4 - Healthy Me: Emotional health (Relaxation, being safe, friendships, mental health skills, body image, relationships with food, managing stress) and Physical health (Eating a balanced diet, physical activity, rest and relaxation, keeping clean, drugs and alcohol, being safe, first aid).

Term 5 - Relationships: Families; Friendships; Love and Loss; Memories; Grief cycle; Pets and animals; Safeguarding and keeping safe; Attraction; Assertiveness; Conflict; Own strengths and self-esteem; Cyber safety and social networking; Roles and responsibilities in families; Stereotypes; Communities; Wider communities

Term 6 - Changing Me: Life cycles; How babies are made; My changing body; Puberty; How babies grow; Growing from young to old; Becoming a teenager; Assertiveness; Self-respect; Safeguarding; Family stereotypes; Self and body image; Attraction; Change; Accepting change; Looking ahead; Moving/transition to secondary

Relationships and Sex Education

Following consultation with parents, we have developed a our own bespoke RSE scheme of work which allows us to deliver all the elements of the RSE curriculum in a manner which takes account of the needs of the children and the various faith perspectives within our school. This bespoke scheme of work will be delivered during the Changing Me puzzle. More information about the 2019 curriculum parent meetings can be found here.

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