Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the "SuperKid" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This Super Kid has settled into Reception quickly and knows the expectations of school. She is always showing Gold Standard behaviour! She works hard in Phonics and Maths and has been enthusiastic about the songs we are learning for our school play!


This superkid always listens carefully, is fully engaged in his learning and tries his best in everything he does. He is also a kind friend and helps the adults and other children.
We are proud of you, keep it up!


Muscab has made so much progress this term. He is communicating his needs and feelings clearly and is showing an interest and engagement in his learning. He is ALWAYS the first person to stop and tidy up the classroom and has a great sense of humour! All the staff and children in both Lavender and Gruffalo are so proud of him. Well done Muscab!


This person is THE most kind, caring, enthusiastic and cheerful child in, we would argue, the whole school!
She is a fantastic role model to other children, in her learning attitude and her attitude towards others. We can always rely on her to make the right choices, help out children and adults, and get on with her work happily and correctly.
Well done Sara!

YEAR 2 BFG -Hussein

This Superkid has been impressing me all year with his hard-working attitude and dedication to his learning. For the past couple of weeks he has been trying really hard with his presentation and I have seen a great improvement. He also demonstrated this week how much he has learnt and remembered when we revised the maths we have covered this year. Well done Hussein – keep it up! 


This child has really impressed me with his attitude this week. He is has been really independent in his work and resilient whilst we have been doing our tests this week. It has also been good to see him really engaged on the carpet and putting his hands up lots to answer questions. Keep it up Lucas!


This superkid always impresses me. She has a brilliant attitude towards learning and always tries her best. She’s not afraid to ask for help when she doesn’t understand something and is always quick to respond when she gets feedback from the teacher. Her calm and careful approach means her work is always of a brilliant quality. On top of all of this, she has made an excellent start at being the Kingfisher school council representative. Well done Aaliyah!


This superkid has had a fantastic week. She has been questioning and listening intently in our enquiry lessons and this has meant she has done some fantastic work independently! Her enthusiasm for other parts of our days including singing and acting really make me smile and I have thoroughly enjoyed her attitude this week. Well done and keep it up! 

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Ibrahim

Unfortunately I have not been in class much this week so have had a little help in choosing my super kid. This person has been noticed by multiple people for making the right choices, even when there are new adults in the room. He has shown respect, kindness and has been a role model for the class. I was also very impressed by his Kandinsky artwork he created yesterday- very unique and skilful! Well done Ibrahim!


Our super kid this week has shown immense skill, concentration and learning power! She has remained focused this week despite the distractions in class. She always listens in our lessons and shows great resilience when tackling new ideas. She never makes a fuss about who she is asked to work with or sit beside. She is a positive role model to her peers and I hope she is as proud as I feel writing this short no

 YEAR 5 DOVE - Sara

It has been lovely to see this superkid make an extra effort this week. Our learning this week has been challenging but this superkid has risen to the challenge because of her determination. She has been working hard at putting more effort into her learning and her teacher has really noticed this! Also, she has improved her collaboration skills and is working as a team with her new partner which is amazing to see.. A week of positive changes that Miss Goodwin hopes will continue

YEAR 6 EAGLE -Saleman

This superkid is a shining example to all. He has made sure to help others in the class to make good choices and his maturity is admired across the year group. Saleman is friendly, kind and honest too, showing an ability to admit mistakes when he makes them and a determination to improve.


Wonderful at representing the school
Asked intelligent and well thought-out questions at Unit DX
Respect is something this young man always shows.
French is his new passion (he even speaks French when lining up)
Always pushing himself to learn more

This weeks superkid is WARFA


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