Celebrating success

Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Abdelrouf - This Superkid has worked really hard this week and shown determination during our English and maths lessons. He always tries his hardest and doesn't let a challenge get the best of him! He always listens to feedback and tries to improve where he can. Kati and Marta are very proud of you. Keep up the great work, Abdelrouf!


Gruffalo: Adhara - Wow! The Year 1 adults are so impressed with this Superkid! During the first two weeks of school, this Superkid has started to develop a positive attitude towards learning. She has been engaged in lessons and joining in without needing to be encourage. She has also made a great start in their afterschool reading sessions. This week, she has been mature, responsible, has been ready to learn and has remembered their new glasses every day. Keep it up! You can do it! 


BFG: Mohamed - This Superkid has been trying his absolute best in all his learning this week! He has also completed some brilliant writing. He is a star pupil and always sets a great example to others. Well done for being so engaged with your learning and keep up the good work!


Woodpecker: Hamza - This child has blown me away since the beginning of term with their hard-working attitude and desire to learn. They put 100% effort into everything they do and always shows gold standard listening. Not only this but they are incredibly polite and always show kindness towards everyone around them. You are incredible - keep it up!

Kingfisher: Asia-Lee - This member of Kingfisher class has been working hard on their independence during our maths and English tasks. This week Miss Jones has been wowed by Asia-Lee, who has completed all of her work to the highest standard. It is amazing to watch her growing in confidence and realising she is capable of wonderful things! Her simile writing has been particularly impressive!


Yusuf I - After a bit of a shaky start earlier in the term, our Superkid has smashed it in the classroom this week. He has shown excellent focus in all of our lessons, listening well to the teachers and other children and putting his head down and working hard during activities. He has managed distractions well and proved what a fantastic learner he is throughout the week.


Dove: Maid - After having a bit of a rocky start to the year, this Superkid has really stepped up their attitude to learning. He has shown determination to make the right choices and has shown respect to everyone. On our trip to the Van Gogh exhibition, this child really represented Hannah More in a positive way by showing curiosity and making sure they were staying safe all the time. I really look forward to a positive year with this Superkid! Keep it up Maid!

Owl: Andy - This Superkid has consistently shown Gold Standard in their learning and behaviour this week. They have worked hard to use challenging vocabulary in their writing and has made thoughtful observations during our enquiry lessons about the history of trade in Bristol. It was so lovely to see him so engaged at our trip to the Van Gogh exhibition, setting a wonderful example to everyone. We're all so glad to have you back at Hannah More, Andy!


Kestrel: Sooyeon - This Superkid has shown off her artistic skills this week and created a stunning watercolour beetle to go with her information text. She also showed incredible cooperation skills when working with her group to create a dictogloss. Keep up the hard work, Sooyeon!

Eagle - This week, this Superkid has been a fantastic example of someone who is resilient and hard-working. She is keen to learn, even when things are a bit tricky, and she is always willing to share her thoughts with the class. I have been particularly impressed with her vocabulary suggestions in our descriptive writing and the way that she stuck at her maths until she was able to get it. She clearly enjoys being successful in class and I hope that this is a sign of things to come. Keep up the hard work and well done Basmala!

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