Celebrating success

Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Ladybird: Amin - This Superkid has worked really hard on improving his writing. We can see the focus and determination in his face as he listens carefully and works hard to improve. We have been pleased to see him challenging himself! He is also a wonderful member of our class, always kind, friendly and smiling. Thank you, Amin!


Gruffalo: Adhara - We have been so impressed with this Superkid’s attitude towards learning. She is super enthusiastic about every activity even if she finds it a challenge. She always wants to do her best and to develop skills in reading and writing. When she has made an error, she is keen to know where she has gone wrong and to learn from her mistake. Keep up the great attitude, Adhara!


BFG: Yaqub - This Superkid comes in every day with the biggest, happiest smile on his face. He represented our class brilliantly recently, talking to visiting governors about what we have been doing in English in Year 2. He always has loads of original and interesting ideas which he is always happy to share during carpet time. He is a lovely, helpful friend and is therefore very popular in BFG class. He has also been trying really in his after school reading lessons—what a great term so far, Yaqub.


Woodpecker: Lukas - It has been an exciting week in Year 3 with lots of workshops, a bake sale and Eid, however, this Superkid has been sensible, mature, helpful and shown gold standard behaviour throughout. It has been lovely to see how much he has grown in confidence this year and how he has become much more independent. He is always respectful, always kind and always tries his hardest no matter what. I’m very proud of you, Lukas—well done!

Kingfisher: Mujahid - Even though it’s been a very different week at school, this Superkid has shown focus and engagement all week. Miss Jones was impressed how he took on advice to slow down when completing his writing assessment to ensure that he is able to show off what a talented writer he is. He also took his time and carefully complete all other assessments this week. Thank you for your hard work and gold standard listening. Well done, Mujahid!


Swift: Noah - Our Superkid is someone with a fantastic curiosity, full of questions, ideas and creativity. While always very focused and producing work to a very high standard, he is keen to set himself challenges and take them on independently or with others. He definitely keeps me and the other adults on their toes! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm throughout the year.


Owl: Rebecca - Owl’s Superkid has had a great week. She really applied herself in the first of her assessments. When we were visited by our School Linking class, she set a great example of respect and openness. Over the last few days, she has been a calm presence in the classroom and produced a wonderfully informative posters all about foxes. Keep smiling, well done Rebecca!

Dove: Chayon - It’s been wonderful to see Dove’s Superkid get some real enjoyment out of school this week. It hasn’t been easy without Miss Mahmood here, but this child has been respectful and polite to the other adults in Year 5. They have been an enthusiastic athlete and participated in all the activities in the classroom. They especially enjoyed showing their poster they made about cats to other people in the school! Well done, Chayon.


Kestrel: Dami - This week’s Superkid has been an excellent ambassador for Hannah More this week. At our careers fair, she asked insightful questions, spoke professionally and made a fantastic impression! She was equally engaged during our trip to the Socius offices and made us very proud. She has really started to think about her life beyond Hannah More and has high expectations of herself. Well done and keep up the hard work—I know you will go far, Dami!

Eagle: Dominic - The Superkid in Eagle class has been great company this week, always with a smile on his face and enthusiastically getting on with preparations for the Year 6 play. He had a good time visiting the Socius offices and his bubbly nature was only too loud a couple of times. He also enjoyed the careers fair, asking good questions and listening carefully to what each of our visitors had to say. Well done and keep it up, Dominic!

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