Celebrating success

Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Gruffalo: Salma - Wowee! This person has massively grown in confidence and is now starting to believe in herself. At the beginning of the year, this child would give up easily. Now, she gives everything a go and keeps on going even if a task is challenging. This term, she wrote a story and did not give up, and only asked for help when she needed it. She stayed focused and worked hard on her presentation. Keep believing in yourself, Salma - you can do it!!!


BFG: Yusuf - This term's Learning Champion has made all of the adults in Year 2 extremely proud. He has made so much progress in all subjects, particularly in his reading and comprehension, meaning he is now at the expected level for Year 2. He has become quite a regular visitor to the SLT office, where he has been showing off his good work to Mr Hawkins and Mrs Barbour. He is now becoming more confident in class, joining in with group activities, Sports Day and giving his opinion on the carpet. He has been working hard on managing his distractions and taking responsibility for his own actions. He has been enjoying joining in much more with his classmates, playing games at break times. We are SO proud of you... Yusuf!


Woodpecker: Khalid - I can't believe the incredible progress Woodpecker's Learning Champion has made this term! He has been working really hard to make sure he is actively listening on the carpet. At his desk, he has been working hard on his target to make sure that his writing makes sense and he is now writing double the amount! He has also really matured in attitude and now doesn't give up when he is finding something tricky. I'm very proud of you - well done Khalid!

Kingfisher: Jamia - Choosing my Learning Champion this term was easy! This is because this member of Kingfisher class has had a huge transformation! Her new-found confidence to contribute to class discussions and to use a loud and projecting voice in our performance has wowed me. It has been so lovely hearing her join in with debates and offer suggestions within our whole class learning. The quality of her work is always beautiful but this term I have also noticed an improvement in her descriptive word choices. Very well deserved, well done to Jamia!


Swift: Joonsoo - This Learning Champion is one of the most enthusiastic and positive learners I've ever taught (and after 11 years at Hannah More, that's saying something!) He is an excellent partner to others, able to share ideas and support learners in the class. He throws himself into his work and is always ready and keen to take on any challenge. His ability to articulate his thinking and share his understanding is especially impressive considering he only came to the country and began learning English just one year ago. A true superstar - thank you!


Owl: Dago - This term's Learning Champion has wowed all the adults in Year 5 with their determination and hard work. They have become so much more independent with their writing, and it is wonderful to see their confidence and creativity as a writer blossom. As a mathematician, they have really impressed Niamh this term by consistently challenging himself to tackle more complex problems. He is such a unique individual. I love having him in my class. Keep being you, Dago!

Dove: Ibtisam - Dove's Learning Champion could be Learning Champion every term. She is consistently following the Hannah More rules and showing the values. Every adult will tell you how respectful and kind she is. She has taken on feedback and is really challenging herself in her learning by making sure she completes her work to an excellent standard every day. She is a kind and thoughtful friend who checks in with everyone. She is a delight to have in Dove class. Keep up the hard work, Ibtisam!


Kestrel: Divine - This term's Learning Champion has wowed Mrs Simpkins and the other Year 6 adults this term with his determination to succeed. He is a confident and capable mathematician but he has truly excelled himself by taking on as many complex reasoning problems as possible! He has studied hard, remained positive and been an all-round fantastic student this term! Keep it up - Divine!

Eagle: Alex - I have been so impressed with this Learning Champion this term. He has shown real commitment to his learning and has made lots of progress as a result. He is always first into class and he always gets started straight away. His contribution to group work has been great, and he was a fantastic camper, where he really came into his own. It has been a pleasure to watch this Learning Champion grow in confidence throughout not just the term, but the whole year. Well done and keep it up, Alex!

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