Celebrating success

Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Gruffalo: Anas - All the Year 1 adults are so proud of this week’s Superkid because of his hard work. He has been very motivated to develop his pencil grip and control. He has completed all his enquiry work enthusiastically. It has been fantastic seeing this child become more confident in his phonics lessons and joining in. This Superkid is kind and patient with his friends, and helps to remind others to be safe. You are amazing!


BFG: Yaqub - This week’s Superkid in BFG was very proud of his fantastic imaginative story about Traction Man this week. He loves to join in with class discussions on the carpet and is always eager to learn new things. He represented BFG beautifully on the News Desk earlier in the term. He is always entertaining and full of energy, making him a popular member of BFG—keep it up, Yaqub!


Woodpecker: Yusuf - This Superkid has had a fantastic week. He has been trying incredibly hard with his neat handwriting all term and always thinks of interesting things to write. He has been listening really well in guided reading and answering all the questions. He has also been having brilliant lunchtimes—showing lots of kindness to others and walking away from situations instead of making a wrong choice. Keep it up—well done, Yusuf!

Kingfisher: Jamia - This Superkid has wowed Miss Jones with their hard work all term. She has come back to school after some time away, with lots of determination. Whilst we were editing our quest stories, she was eager to correct and up-level each part. She took her time to re-read every sentence and fix all errors. She has been working hard at her target of breaking down sentences that are too long. The final published version was an exciting and fantastic story! What a star—keep it up, Jamia!


Swift: Tamara - Our Superkid is someone who has grown and grown in confidence over the last few weeks. School has been especially tough for this Superkid. After moving from her home to a new country—not knowing any English—she has understandably been quite shy but this term and this week especially, she’s wowed us with her increased confidence. Her knowledge of English is rapidly improving and she has been learning and speaking lines in our play, getting ready for our performance. We’re so proud of the resilience she has shown this year and the hard work she has been putting in. Let’s keep going!


Owl: Samuel - Owl’s Superkid has made a real effort this week to improve his listening. In class, he is increasingly showing he is ready to learn by turning their body and eyes to the speaker. He has been really determined as an author to make his non-chronological report about space as interesting and detailed as possible. Outside the classroom, he is really working on his resilience as well. Keep up the hard work, Samuel!

Dove: Hussein - After having a challenging start to the term, Dove’s Superkid has really stepped up this week He has been kind and respectful, and he has set a great example of calm focus in the classroom. He has been engaged in all of his learning, especially as a mathematician, consistently completing his level 1 and moving on to challenges. As an author, he has done his best writing in Year 5yet! Really loving this new attitude and can’t wait for it to continue. Well done, Hussein!


Kestrel: Yousef - This Superkid has really impressed me this week. He had to come into school on the strike day, yet he did not complain once. Instead he really focused on his SATs booster day, did mock tests and made revision cards. Yesterday, as a writer he contributed fantastic figurative ideas to our class sentence stacking lesson. Thanks for all the effort, you have proved you definitely CAN do it—keep it up!

Eagle: Emelle - This Superkid is a great member of Eagle class. She is consistently well behaved and always tries her best to do her learning well. When the class is given a task to complete she is always one of the first to get started, showing that she can be organised and motivated to learn. She is also mature, reliable and level-headed. These important characteristics are essential if you want to succeed at secondary school. Well done and keep up the fantastic work, Emelle!

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