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Religious Education @ Hannah More

In Religious Education, we encourage children to develop a greater understanding of and respect for their own beliefs and those of others.

We use the 'Awareness, Mystery and Value' Agreed Syllabus for RE, which is taught throughout Bristol and the surrounding authorities. In collaboration with parents and the local community, recognising the unique contribution they are able to make, we have adapted the scheme of work in order to make it as relevant and meaningful as possible for our children. Children’s own experiences are used as the base on which to build their knowledge and understanding of different religions.

Our RE teaching develops the children’s understanding of and respect for different faiths, linking with our own school values and the British Values which are
promoted within the school. Through the use of drama, art and music, we develop the children’s ability to reflect and think deeply about a range of issues and
questions. We provide opportunities to develop their sense of awe and wonder, and their sense of spirituality. The RE curriculum involves using the fascinating resources we have to draw on in the local area, and includes trips to different places of worship, including a local mosque, church, Hindu temple and synagogue. The children are given opportunities to ask visitors of different faiths questions about their beliefs, and are encouraged to think about how these are similar to or different from their own beliefs and experiences.

We also promote philosophical thinking in which the children ask ‘big questions’ and give their own views on a variety of topics. In addition to the RE curriculum itself, religious stories and festivals such as Diwali, Ramadan and Easter are explored during assemblies, and we have whole school events to celebrate Eid and Christmas.


Religious Education Threads

Our content is mapped out across the school by following threads which are developed upon across the school and throughout the children's learning journeys.

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