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17 May 2020

Welcome to Reception Home Learning this week. It is so lovely to see your photos and hear about what you are getting up to at home. Please keep sending in your work. We can't wait to see what you get up to this week.

Like previous weeks, you can also find your child's learning on their interactive learning diary. Please use this to upload your children's work. We would love to see photos and examples of their work plus anything fun you are doing at home. To log on go to:

If you need help logging on or with any of the activities, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Weekly Phone Calls

It was lovely to speak to so many of you again last week. We will ring again this week.  

Miss Wilkinson has changed her day. She will now ring Ladybird children every Tuesday morning between 9am and 12pm.Mrs Sessions and Miss Vintin will ring Caterpillar children every Wednesday morning between 9am and 12pm.
If you need to speak to us before then, please email the school and we will get in touch with you.


Weekly Handwriting Practice

We would like you to practise your handwriting again this week. Try and practise the letters from other weeks too: l   i    t   j   u   y  b  h   m   n   r  p   c   a   d o   g    q

This week we are going to practise writing these letters:

S      f        e

Watch this video to make sure that you are writing each letter correctly.

Ask an adult to help you draw some straight lines in your book. Use a ruler if you have one. Can you write the letter correctly using the lines? Leave a finger space between each letter. See the image for an example.


Can you write some words that you know that have some of the letters in them?  sun fun den nest

Try and practise your handwriting every day.

Take a photo of your handwriting and ask your parent/carer to put it on your interactive learning diary at the end of the week. Your teachers would love to see it!


Mr Rossetti's PE

Here is your link for your PE lesson this week:


Art from Mrs Griffiths

Mrs Griffiths loved see so many of your shape pictures last week that she has set you another art task this week.





Fine Motor




 Friday 22nd May



Watch the tricky words songs:



Challenge (Phase 4)


Did you make the ‘High Five’ tricky word game like these children last week?


Do you know all the words now? You could challenge yourself with new words or a different one of the activities we learned – magnetic letters, water painting, large chalk outside.

Or try this new idea:

Tricky word detectives!  

You will need: Any books, magazines, newspapers or leaflets from around your home.

A pen and paper.

Adults – write a list like the picture. You can choose easier or harder words from your tricky word mat if you want to.

Be a tricky word detective! Search through the books – what tricky words can you spot? When you see one – give it a tick or draw a line. How many of each did you find? Which word did you find most and least of?


Watch Alphablocks : Plusman 





Here are is your fun Friday maths activity :)


Next week is half term. We will post some fun craft activities. Have a good rest :)


Thursday 21st May




On Tuesday we listened to the story Bad Bear.  Listen to the story again.

Remind your child that on Tuesday we thought about how the bear was feeling at the end of the story.

Ask your child: what could the bear do or say to make the situation better?


Activity: Draw a picture of the bear and write what the bear might say to make the situation better. Use your sound and tricky word mat to help you. 



Today we will continue to learn about repeated patterns. Let’s watch this song about repeated patterns again to warm our brains up.



Activity 1.

Play level 2 and 3 of this game.


Activity 2.

Look! I made my own repeating patterns!!



Can you make your own repeating patterns using items you have at home?


Wednesday 20th May



Practise your sounds:

Phase 2: 








Game: What’s in the box?

You will need:

Any bag or box

Paper and a pencil – or chalk, paint, magnetic letters, whiteboard and pen.

Sound mat

Any 5 objects from the lists below – have a look around your home to see what you have. You could draw pictures if this is easier.

Short words – pan, mat, pen, peg, mug, cup, pot, hat, box, bag, tin, pin, red, sock, doll, jam, zip, jug

Challenge words –light, wood, book, car, jar, fork, towel, coin, chair, glass, paint, soap, shell, ring, brush, coat, food, corn, cow, owl, oil, fish, sheep, goat, spoon, scarf, belt, stick


This is what Miss Vintin put in her box.... 


Super challenge – picture, hairbrush, toothbrush, liquid, shampoo, lunchbox, jumper

Hide the objects in the bag or box.


SING: What’s in the bag? Or What’s in the box? –See Miss Vintin’s video.


Phonics - What’s in the box? 1 from Hannah More Primary School on Vimeo.


Phonics - What’s in the box? 2 from Hannah More Primary School on Vimeo.


The children know this song well so should be able to sing it with you.The words are:

What’s in the box, What’s in the box? Look and see, look and see, What’s in the box?


Ask your child to take one object out of the box or bag. What is it? If they don’t know tell them the word.

Use your ‘robot arms’ to say the sounds.

Write down the sounds you hear. Use the sound mat if you need help with the sounds.



Write a sentence about each of your objects. eg. I drink from a cup. The car is green.  Jam is sweet.

Send me a photo or video of your great learning!




Today we are going to look a little bit more at repeated patterns. Watch this video. A repeated pattern is where a pattern happens again and again and again.

Watch these videos. Can you see the repeating pattern?



Repeated Patterns Song


Now play this game, Play level 1 and level 2 if you want a challenge.



Tueday 19th May



This week we are going to explore a new story. The story is called: Fabulous Pie

Watch the story here:

Talk to an adult about the story:

What did the bear make?

What did the mouse collect for the bear?

What did the squirrel collect for the bear?

What did the badger collect for the pie?

What did the otters collect for the pie?

What did the bear do with the animals?

How did the animals escape?

Why do you think the bear is called bad bear?

Activity: Ask your child: What happened at the end of the story?

Now ask your child to draw what happened at the end.

Think about how the characters were feeling? Can you show this on their faces?

Challenge: Can you write a sentence to say how the bear was feeling? Can you write a sentence to say how the animals were feeling?

The bear was feeling ____________________ .

The animals were feeling _________________ .

Use your sounds to help you spell.



Today we are going to learn something new! We are going to learn about patterns.

Patterns are everywhere! Watch this video to learn a bit more about the different patterns that we can see.



I went on a pattern hunt and have taken some photos of patterns I found. Go on a pattern hunt and see what you can find! Don't forget to send us your photos!



Monday 18th May



Good Morning everyone, we hope you had a good weekend!

Spin the bottle – sounds!

Write the sounds on pieces of paper (use your sound mat and choose the sounds your child needs to practise) Put them in a circle. Put a bottle in the middle. Spin it round – what sound is it pointing at when it stops?

If your child is working on hearing sounds in words they could look for something at home that starts with each sound, as the picture shows.

Say the first sound (not letter name) like this to help your child hear it and ask them to join in - b b book, t t teddy, p p peg etc.

Yes/No game Watch the video to learn how to play.

Easier Questions:

Is the sun hot?

Can a taxi hop?

Has jam got a lid?

Has a cat got a web?

Can a van go up a hill?

Has a fox got six legs?

Is a lemon red?

Harder Questions:

Can a duck quack?

Is a shark a good pet?

Has a dog got a tail?

Can you bang on a big drum?

Is the moon green?

Can we see the stars on a clear night?

Can a spoon grab a fork?

If you prefer, there is an online version of this game here:

You will need to login to espresso for this game.



Today we will be practising to identify and name 2D and 3D shapes correctly. Watch the video. Problem Polly joins us again for our learning. Can you see the mistakes she makes when identifying shapes?


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