Reception - Term 6 - Week 3

15 June 2020

Hello lovely Reception children and parents!

We hope you have had a good rest over the weekend.

When your child is not at school or if you have chosen not to send your child to school just yet then please complete the learning that we have set below.


Weekly phone calls


This week we will be calling all of the children who have decided to stay at home rather then come to school. This will give us a chance to say hello and check that everything is ok. We will be making these calls on Wedesday between 11 and 4 pm. However if you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to us before, please phone the office and leave a message or send us an email to the school's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Please follow this link: Phonics Home Learning Blog

The phonics home learning is now your pack of activities. This will have either been posted to you or be ready to collect from the school office if you needed any resources. You should have received a text if you need to collect your pack. If not, your pack should arrive soon. If you do not receive it by Wednesday, please call or email school. Please click the link above to tell you what to do next. 


Home Learning Day 1




In school we have read this story. Watch Mrs Sessions read the story.

Talk to your adult about what happens in the story:

What happened to Carly in the story?

How did Carly feel when her puppet didn’t work out very well?

How was she feeling at the end of the story?



Can you draw a picture of Carly when her puppet went wrong? Try and show how she was feeling. Now draw a picture of Carly at the end? Try and show how she was feeling?



Today we are learning about doubling.

Double means ‘two things the same’.

Look at the picture below of doubled objects. Can you see the doubles?



Watch this video of Miss Wilkinson reading a story called ‘Two of Everything’. In the story a magic pot is found which can double everything and create two of everything.



Here is your home PE with Mr Rossetti! You'll need some socks today!



Home Learning Day 2



Remind your child of the story that we are looking at this week. Listen to Mrs Sessions read it again if you like.

Ask your child what the title of the story is. Explain to children that the title is called: It is great to stay calm.

Ask: what does the word calm mean. Explain that when you feel calm you don’t feel angry or cross or excited. You feel peaceful and you are quiet.

Tell your child that it is good to feel calm. Explain that there are things we can do to help us feel calm. Explore this CBEEBIES page together.

Here are lots of activities you might like to try to help you feel calm. My favourite is number 5. Go outside with your child and lie on some grass. Look up at the sky and spend some time looking at the clouds. What shapes can you spot? Does some of the clouds look like animals? People?

Can you try any other activities to help keep calm?




Today we will continue learning about doubling.

We will be looking at doubling number. When we double a number we add two numbers the same together.

For example,

if we double 2, we do the sum 2+ 2= 4.

double 3, we do the sum 3+ 3= 6

double 4, we do the sum 4 +4 = 8


Watch this video to explore doubling numbers:



Open the PDF below. The ladybirds have lost their spots!! Oh no!

Copy and complete the ladybirds into your book. Can you double the number of spots on the ladybirds? How many spots does each ladybird have?

Open PDF here: Maths Activity

See example photo below challenges.

Challenge 1: 

For the challenge, click here: Challenge Activity

Challenge 2:

Write the sum for each ladybird. See my example underneath! 




Remember to keep practising your phonics! See phonics blog: Phonics Home Learning Blog


Home Learning Day 3




Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about our emotions. We know that we have lots of different emotions and it is ok to have a mixture of emotions – some good and some bad.


Draw something that makes you happy.

Draw something that makes you sad.

Share your pictures with your adult and tell them about your pictures. Adults talk to your child about their pictures and give them advice about how they can stop the thing that makes them sad.



Creative task

In the story the children were making sock puppets. Can you make a sock puppet? Here is a link to a web page which give you some ideas about how to make one.

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