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15 June 2020

Hello Reception children and parents,

Read this blog to find out more about your phonics home learning and your new phonics packs.

To see your PSHE, Maths and PE home learning tasks for term 6 week 3, click on this link. Home Learning: Term 6 Week 3




Phonics Packs

The phonics home learning is now your pack of activities. This will have either been posted to you or be ready to collect from the school office if you needed any resources. You should have received a text if you need to collect your pack. If not, your pack should arrive soon. If you do not receive it by Wednesday, please call or email school. 

There are lots of activities to keep you busy for the next few weeks. Try to pick out different activities each week rather than lots of the same activity to keep it interesting.

It is important for your child to do the reading – encourage them to say the sounds and use their ‘robot arms’ to blend. If they find this hard then you can say it with them but do let them have a go. If your child is phase 3 or 4, practise being ‘digraph detectives’ and looking for sounds with 2 or 3 letters eg. igh, ur, or, sh, ch, oi, ow and underline these first. Then put a dot (sound buttons) under single letters – like this. This helps them recognise each sound.


When writing, encourage your child to be independent by using their ‘robot arms’ to sound out the word. Then use their ‘sound mat’ to remind them how to write the sound if they need it. Ask your child to find the sound instead of showing them straight away, but of course help them if they are not sure. Letting your child ‘have a go’ is more important than getting the spelling correct.

If they are writing a tricky word they should know then it may be good to remind them it is a tricky word and use the tricky word mat to find the word to copy if needed. With all other words it is best to let them have a go and NOT to tell them how to spell a word or correct them if they don’t get it right. eg. writing “I plaid on the bighk” instead of “I played on the bike” should be praised for using their sounds well. Please try not to tell them the ‘correct’ spelling at this age as it may affect their confidence and make them less willing to ‘have a go’ and be independent. It is difficult to find the balance and you know your child’s needs best. Any questions, please ask your child’s teacher.


Online Games and Songs

Please keep using the songs and games online. Here are some of the best links we have used so far.

There are plenty of extra games so please explore. Games usually ask what ‘Phase’ – your pack should say which phase to choose for your child. If you are not sure, please ask.

Please feel free to go back to each of the weekly blogs and repeat the activities. It is good to repeat things several times with young children!


Letters and Sounds for Home and School

If you want more phonics lessons use these daily online phonics lessons.

If your child is working on phase 2 – choose the ‘Learning to blend’ section.

For phase 3 or 4 choose ‘Reception lessons’



You will need the school username and password. If you don’t have them please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click on ‘Foundation’ then ‘Phonics’ then choose the correct phase for your child. There are videos and lots of games for each level.


Bug Club

Read your books on Bug Club:

This is a fantastic online learning resource to help your child keep up with reading! Please do log on and read together. Your login details are stapled into the front cover of your child’s home learning book.


Phonics Play

Play lots of great phonic games on:

You’ll need to login for access to all games.  Username: march20 Password: home


ICT Games

More games!


Jolly Phonics

Watch the Jolly phonic songs and find each sound on your sound mat. For a challenge you could write each sound in your book or in another way.

Digraph song:

Blending songs:


Tricky words songs

Challenge (Phase 4)

Learn the letter names and sounds – watch the alphabet song.




Other Online Phonics Links

Practise your sounds or tricky words with one of these fun ideas eg. use magnetic letters, write them in flour/salt/sugar/rice/lentils etc, water painting or chalk outside. See the video:

Tricky word pairs game:

High five activity to practise tricky words

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