Reception Home Learning - Week 2 of Term 5

26 April 2020

Hello Reception Children!

Here is your learning for this week. Keep up the hard work - we look forward to seeing all of the work that you are doing at home.

Like previous weeks, you can also find your child's learning on their interactive learning diary. Please use this to upload your children's work. We would love to see photos and examples of their work plus anything fun you are doing at home. To log on go to:

If you need help logging on or with any of the activities, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Weekly Phone Calls

It was lovely to speak to so many of you again last week. We will ring again this week.  

Miss Wilkinson has changed her day. She will now ring Ladybird children every Tuesday morning between 9am and 12pm.Mrs Sessions and Miss Vintin will ring Caterpillar children every Wednesday morning between 9am and 12pm.
If you need to speak to us before then, please email the school and we will get in touch with you.


Weekly handwriting practice

We would like you to practise your handwriting again this week. Try and practise the letters from other weeks too: l   i    t   j   u   y  b  h m

This week we are going to practise writing these letters:

n   r   p

Watch this video to make sure that you are writing each letter correctly.

Ask an adult to help you draw some straight lines in your book. Use a ruler if you have one. Can you write the letter correctly using the lines? Leave a finger space between each letter. See the image for an example.


Can you write some words that you know that have some of the letters in them?  rib   pin   run  turn hurt

Try and practise your handwriting every day.

Take a photo of your handwriting and ask your parent/carer to put it on your interactive learning diary at the end of the week. Your teachers would love to see it!


PE from Mr Rossetti

 We have loved seeing photos of your PE at home with Mr Rossetti. Here is the link for your lesson this week:


Feeling creative?

This week Mrs Sessions has been listening to different nursery rhymes on the BBC website -

Her Son's favourite is 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree. They listened to the song and then made the monkeys and 2 crocodiles to perfrom the song. Can you listen to your favourite song and make some of the characters to help you perform the song? We would love to see anything you make. Perhaps you could record yourself singing and send us a copy?



Ramadan has begun for our Muslim children - we really hope that this will be a special time for you at home with your families. If you would like to learn more about Ramadan then listen to this story.


Friday 1st May


Practise your sounds – can you say them all?


Watch Alphablocks ‘ink’


Look at the worksheet below . Can you write each word? Use your robot arms to say the sounds then your sound mat if you need it. (Adults please let your child try for themselves – it doesn’t matter if it isn’t quite correct.)


Look at the worksheet. What can you see? Can you write a sentence about the picture?

(eg. I wash my hands in the sink.) Ask your child to use their sounds and tricky words – try not to tell them what to write and let them use their own ideas!




Today will continue to practise subtracting numbers with some short and fun activities.

Watch this song to warm your brain up.

Play this game: 


We hope you have a good weekend :)



Thursday 30th April



On Tuesday we listened to a story about a dinosaur. Click on this link to watch some videos about the different dinosaurs that roamed our land millions of years ago.

Activity: Watch one of the videos to learn about one of the types of dinosaurs. Now draw a picture of the dinosaur. Can you use your sounds to label your drawing of your dinosaur See my example in the images.

Challenge: Can you write a sentence to describe the dinosaur. For example The dinosaur is tall. Try and use your sounds. Don’t worry if your spelling isn’t correct.



Today will continue to practise subtracting numbers. This time we will take bigger numbers away.

Watch this Number blocks episode.

Now complete this worksheet.

If you want, you can use the number line from yesterday. Find the number of dinosaurs in each question and jump one to the left to take 1 away.


If you want a challenge, complete these questions!


Wednesday 29th April



Practise your sounds with the ‘Jolly Phonics’ songs. Can you join in with the sounds and actions? Find the sounds on your sound mat.

Watch this video:

Adults – write these words on pieces of paper. (See photos)









Ask your child to read each one using their robot arms. Can you find the object in your home – stick the word to the object or put the object with the word. If you don’t have the objects you could draw a picture to match. Take some photos and send them to us!



Print or write out the sentence starts.  (See sheet) Put it next to one of the objects – ask your child to read the sentence. Does it make sense? What if you use a different sentence? Do any make silly sentences? Can you send us a video of your child reading the sentences? 



Today we are practising using number lines to find out what ‘1 less’ is.


Activity 1

Watch this video

Activity 2

For this activity you will need:

- A number line (see picture below)

- The spin the bottle game we played last term  [See image gallery below) OR a dice.

Spin the bottle or roll your dice to select a number. Now find the number on the number line. Slide to the left to find ‘1 less’!


Can you play the game again without using the number line? How fast can you say what number is 1 less than the number your bottle pointed at?




This week we are going to explore a new story. The story is called: If I had a Dinosaur.

Watch the story by following this link.

In the story the little girl wanted a really big pet. Can you remember the pet that she wanted?

Activity: Draw a picture of the pet that she wanted. You can use the pictures in the story to help you.

Now think about which pet you would like. Imagine any animal could be your pet. Which pet would you choose? Can you draw a picture of your pet? If you have colours then colour your picture in.

Challenge: Can you write a sentence to describe your pet?

Extra challenge: Can you write or draw a story about the adventure that your new pet might have?


Today we will be practicing subtracting 1.

Watch this video: Ten in a bed

 Look at my photos below! I have had a go at acting out ’Ten in the Bed’

Have a go at acting out the ‘Ten in the Bed’ song. If you can, video it or take some photos and upload them to ILD. We would love to see your math :)




Practise those tricky words! Sing along to the song and find the sounds on your tricky word mat.

Go through the tricky word mat and see which words your child can read. Write down six words your child does not know yet. Use these to make a game to practise them!

Use this video to learn how to make tricky word pairs.

Or you could hide the words around your home to make a ‘tricky word hunt’.

 Send us a photo or video of your game!

Play this football tricky words game for spelling practice!


Watch this video and practise counting down from 10: from 10

Now watch this video and practise counting down from 20:

This week we will be practising subtracting (take away). Watch this number block song.



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