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03 November 2019 Written by

During the week of Diwali, our reception children learnt about how Hindus celebrate the festiival. The children made their own Diva lamps using salt dough and at the end of the week the lamps were lit. The children followed the lamps just like Rama and Sita did in the Diwali story. We acted out the Diwali story and finshed our own celebration by singing the Diwali songs that we had learnt. 

Black History Week 2019

20 October 2019 Written by

This week has been Black History Week and our task was to find out how Bristol and the Caribbean different.

We used Google Earth to look at the Island of Great Britain and to look at islands which make up the Carribbean. We observed the different shapes of the islands.

Together we discussed the clothes we wear in Bristol. We then researched the clothes which are worn in the Carribbean. We noticed the colours of the clothing and special hats worn. 

On Friday we tried different fruits from the Carribbean. We tried Grapefuit, Mango, and Payaya to name a few! Many of us enjoyed the Payaya. We have some fruit left over so we will eat it during snack next week!!

Lasty we learnt a Carribbean song about Mangos which we performed and acted out at the end of the week.


Hannah More Welcomes the New Children

11 September 2019 Written by

On Monday 9th September the Reception team welcomed the new Hannah More children. Read on to find out about their first week...

Hatching Chicks

06 February 2019 Written by

Three weeks ago the Reception children recieved a dozen eggs to look after. After weeks of keeping the eggs warm and watered they finally hatched! We kept the chicks safe by being gentle with them and quiet around them. We helped them become strong by giving them water and food. We gave the chicks lots of cuddles before giving them back farmer. 

September 2016

14 September 2016 Written by

Look at how we have been settling into Reception!

Picking Strawberries

08 June 2016 Written by

Look at our lovely strawberries!

Baking cakes!

08 June 2016 Written by

Outdoor Maths

07 March 2016 Written by

We have taken our maths outside.

Book Week

07 March 2016 Written by

In Book week Caterpillars have enjoyed a variety of different stories. They have talked about which story they like best and why.

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