Lockdown Learning Week 6

02 February 2021

Well done for all your hard work over this term, here is your learning for the last week of this term! 

Make sure to send your completed work, photos of your home activities or any questions you have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of the Year 2 staff will get back to you! 

Zoom link for the 8:45am and 2:45pm meetings: https://zoom.us/j/6096088052?pwd=L2JtanZkVmZ3T04ySWxkWHdTVCtDdz09

We are incredibly proud of you all at home for your perseverance in your learning. Keep going!  

Remember to send all your fabulous work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Equally, if have any issues or questions feel free to email us and we will get back to you! 




Today there is no video!  You will be writing your story in your best writing on the paper you received in the post.  You should follow the instructions on the letter to make your writing as good as you can possilbly make it.  Send it back to us in the stamped addressed envelope along with your maths sheet.   DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT!!!


Please complete the sheet and send it back with your writing task using the stamped addressed envelope.


Read through the following paragraph and draw a fantastic picture that shows everything you've read.  

Once upon a time, an evil witch with ginger hair found a sick and cold hare in a field of snow. 

She had a sneer on her face as she said "I will enjoy eating you for my tea!".

Suddenly, a magic deer appeared and protected the poorly hare with a special spell.

The evil witch ran away, never to be seen again.

The End.



Today we will be solving the problem from your story and then writing the ending.  Watch the video to see how!  You will not need a sheet for today.  Just continue writing your story from where you left off.



Dividing by 10 today.  Here is today's worksheet

Spr2.4.4 - Divide by 10 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Today is the alternative 'ie' sound.



Just a short lesson today where we will be focussing on our villain descriptions.  Make sure your villain is really horrible sounding!  You can use your descriptive writing  from previous lessons to help or, should you like, come up with something new.



Today we'll be focussing on the 5 times table and dividing by 5.  You can find your work here.

Spr2.4.3 - Divide by 5 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


Today's sound is the 'ere' sound.



Today we will continue writing our stories.  At this point in the story, we will focus on the what Traction Man finds when he reaches the cries for help.  We will be writing a setting description and also describing what is happening to our hapless victims.  Watch the video below for guidance and use this sheet to organise your thoughts.



Today is 'Odd and Even Numbers'.  Here is the sheet for today.

Spr2.4.2 - Odd and Even from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Today we are exploring the 'eer' grapheme.

Internet Safety

Here is the sheet for today.



Today we will be beginning to write our own sequel to the Traction Man story!  Watch the video below and then use this sheet to help you.



We will be using our previous learning about sharing and grouping to help us to divide by 2 today. Watch this video below. To complete the White Rose worksheet alongside the video click here and for the work and challenges we are doing in class click here. 

Spr2.4.1 - Divide by 2 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



We are doing another new alternative grapheme for the 'air' sound today! Get your thinking caps on! 


Enquiry for the Week 

This week is an exciting week where we will be bringing all our learning together to answer our enquiry question 'What will Traction Man's playground be made of?'  Watch the video below to see an explanation of the enquiry lessons for the week and make sure to come pick up the resource packs from school if you have not already done so. 

Activity One

You are going to design your own playground equipment for Traction Man using this sheet. You will need to label the materials and joins you want to use and the equipment you will use for each. Top tip: you may want to look in your recycling bin for other packaging materials that you may want to cut up and use when making your product.

Activity Two

Today you are going to make your own playground equipment. If you would like some inspiration, look at the images below in the gallery to help you! Take your time with this and make sure to send in a picture of your finished product. We can't wait to see them! 

Activity Three 

Finally, you will be true engineers and evaluate your finished product using this sheet.  Not every design works, and we can always improve next time so it is important to reflect on what went well and consider what could be improved! You can always have a go building another piece of playground equipment after if you want to. 


Other Learning Activites 

PE with Mr Rosetti 

You can watch this video below anytime. Make sure to also join the live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm. The link will be sent to you!


Learning Grid Ideas 


Bug Club 

Here is the help video again if you need it. If any probelms persist, email us and we will check the problem here at school. Usernames can be found inside author journals, the school code is gxg3 and passwords are changeme



Here is a help video for how to use TTRS and an explanation of the play modes you can do at home! Another competition will run all week. Who will win, the reigning champions BFG or will Enormous Crocodiles take victory?

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